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Monday, March 9, 2009

Picasso, a Master

Just saw a wonderful Picasso exhibit at Yale Art Gallery. It was intimate and manageable, and would be an ideal show for children to see. The exhibit focuses on Picasso's use of words in his work, in collages, paintings and books he illustrated. What a treat to see the fluidity, grace and expression in Picasso's line drawings and etchings. This inventor of Cubism is a real inspiration.

If you're a parent who enjoys taking your child to art museums, you may want to limit the number of galleries you view per visit. Both children and adults can become very weary from visual overload, crowded spaces and tired feet. Often, when a museum features a blockbuster exhibit, its other galleries, showing the permanent collection, may be relatively empty. Take advantage of such an opportunity for a peaceful family meander through less traveled paths to see some inspiring art.


  1. Hi Leona, I think you did a great job on your crayon etching video. You make art so much fun! Josiah

  2. dear leona,
    I like your crayon etching video.Have a nice spring

    love,caroline and ethan klatt

  3. Hi Leona,
    we love your video. We will be back lots to visit and get ideas for our art lessons in Edinburgh. Thank you for teaching us,
    Thomas and Will Bee (Izzy says she is going to try too!)

  4. Hi,Leona your crayon etching was really good i loved it i think i might try it myself i will try to come on your blog spot everyday (my sister Gabrielle says hi ) you look very artistic when you draw and paint. Rebbecca