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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Drawing on Vacation

I've used some of the free time during my school Spring Break to work on some large charcoal still life drawings. Drawing is an ongoing exercise in learning to observe carefully and record what you see. When kids ask me how to become better at drawing, I usually say, "Draw, Draw, Draw!" The more you draw, the better you train your eye to really see.

You can keep a small sketchbook, pencils and an eraser in a backpack, or in the car, and sketch scenes you see, places you visit, or things you imagine. These drawings can be developed in more detail later on, or simply stand as a record of your ideas and experiences.

Sketchbooks keep your work neat and organized, whereas loose papers tend to get lost or discarded. If you don't own a sketchbook, you can make a simple one by stapling together a small stack of recycled white paper. You can even make covers for your book, by using colored papers for the top and bottom of your stapled stack. Keep drawing...


  1. I ****LOVE**** your website. I was thinking about you today as I as reading Ken Robinson's book (The Element where he talks about creativity)and he mentions Faith Ringgold and I recalled those beautiful paintings you did with the children.

    And there was your blog.

    I will show it immediately to Claire.

  2. Hello Leona, So nice to get your blog, shall pass it around. I will check out some of your videos. My feeling is art is the core of read...think....etc. please see my blog, Regards to all and if you see Jen. Marcia