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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mother & Daughter: Painting Together

Inwha and her daughter, Shira, each painted the same still life set up over a series of art lessons in my studio. Although they both painted from
observation, each created her own unique version of the set-up. Inwha chose to paint it in a vertical format, and Shira's was a horizontal, and their color schemes differed as well.

It's a real joy to see the successful expression of individuality in art. It's an affirmation of the multitude of ways art can be done. I couldn't help but notice how Inwha and Shira expressed genuine respect and admiration for each other's abilities and work. "Mom, how did you get that color?" "Shira, I love the color you made for the pitcher."

Brava to Inwha and Shira!

by Shira

by Inwha

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