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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Recycled Tube Sculpture: Say hi to Perry!

This tube man's name is Perry. I love using recycled objects to make art with kids. Recently, we used various cardboard tubes from paper towel bathroom tissue rolls and oatmeal boxes to make tube sculptures.

We cut slits at about 3/4" intervals around the tops and bottoms of the tubes to fit them onto each other. We constructed the sculpture by gluing and taping the tubes together, applied gesso to the whole sculpture and painted it after it was dry. Adding on decorative papers, buttons and googly eyes made them really special. We glued and taped the sculptures to cardboard bases for sturdy support and stability.

Are you thinking about other things you could recycle to make art? Old CD's, plastic container lids, old jewel cases for CD's, old credit cards, paper grocery bags?

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