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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rocket Science


I love it when kids tell me that after making box sculptures, they look at boxes differently.

Instead of seeing a cereal box at breakfast, they see the possibility of a car, an airplane or a rocket ship. Box sculpture is all about possibility and imagination. This might slow down the breakfast rush a bit, but let's appreciate the creative thought process happening here - the transformation of raw material into something completely new!

Graham's rocket is made of an egg carton, a sugar box, an oatmeal box, a cracker box and a Jello box. There's no "formula" for how to invent a rocket. Each artist will find his or her own way, & that's what makes art so exciting. Someone else could have used the same boxes to make an animal or a car, or even a different rocket.

First, Graham
glued and taped the boxes together to make the rocket shape he wanted. Then he applied acrylic gesso to all the surfaces of sculpture and allowed it to dry. Next, he painted his rocket with acrylic paints. Once that was dry, he drew lines with a silver paint pen to add details. He even kept the cover of the egg carton open so he could use it as a secret compartment.

Nice job, Graham!

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