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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

School Art Show

This is the first year my school has had an Elementary art show, & tonight, we had a reception for the artists. Each young artist stood near one of his/her artworks, and was prepared to speak about the process & ideas in creating the work. 

This was a very proud moment for parents, grandparents, classroom teachers and me, their art teacher. For me, the art show, a pretty monumental presentation, was tangible and dramatic evidence of a year's worth of planning, teaching and connecting with wonderful young artists. Parents seemed to realize that although the show featured art, their children are learning so much beyond the paintings and sculptures; they're being gently pushed to take creative risks, and are learning new ways of thinking.

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  1. I enjoyed so much hearing your students talk about their work - and coaxing some to talk about their work. There's certainly a lot to talk about, and to be proud of.